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Happiness at Work

Considering the difficult last few years we have had with the Covid 19 pandemic, and the recent death of Queen Elizabeth II, International Happiness at Work Week seems an apt ethic to strive for. 

International Week of Happiness at Work is a Dutch initiative, an idea that originated from people who believed happiness at work was necessary. This year the international day is celebrated between 19th-26th September and now has over 30 countries joining the initiative aiming to completely change the workplace dynamic. 

The idea is to encourage everyone to sign a manifesto suggesting work can be a supportive, creative, fun, and positive environment where employees take responsibility and promote good feedback and support for each other. 

Why is it important to enjoy being in the workplace? 

It doesn’t matter what area of business, being happy in the workplace ensures employees are more productive and creative and leads to a higher satisfaction rate amongst customers, as this positivity reflects directly onto them. Happy employees will also remain satisfied and content in their position ensuring employee retention.  

Ways to create a happier workplace 
Social events 

Whether these are set up by the employer or the staff, getting together socially on a regular basis can provide a positive outcome. 

Career Advancement 

Employees who do not feel they have career opportunities within their workplace end up leaving the business. Providing career mentoring and training opportunities will not only result in your employees’ improved satisfaction and happiness in their role but will also keep them engaged and involved within the business.  

Employee recognition 

Reward and recognition programmes, whatever the size, allow team members to feel appreciated and it is only natural for people to react positively for any appreciation given. If employees feel their efforts have been noticed, it gives them a sense of achievement and keep them motivated. 

Positive communication 

Positive language will bring about positive interactions. The best approach to take when speaking to employees should be encouraging and empowering. 

Flexible working arrangements 

It is now common for businesses, where it is possible, to offer flexible working arrangements. It acknowledges employee freedom and increases happiness levels due to the flexibility and respect they are receiving from their workplace. For example, employees could choose their start and finish time, the possibility of varying where they work and the potential to work a compressed working week. 

To create happiness at work, is important every day, not just during
International Week of Happiness at work 

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