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Why do I need to hire a criminal solicitor?

A criminal solicitor will help you if you are accused of a crime. If the police allege that you have committed a criminal offence, a criminal law solicitor can represent you to ensure your legal rights are protected. To make sure you get a fair hearing the solicitor will present your case in court. 

Should I speak to a solicitor before a police interview? 

As soon as you know that you are being accused of an offence, whether you are innocent or guilty, you should enlist the support of a criminal law solicitor. 

Even before you speak to the police or go to a police station, if at all possible, you should speak to a solicitor. They can tell you what to expect and explain what your rights are. 

Being questioned by the police, either in a police station or in some other place such as your home, can be a scary experience, therefore it is important that you have the support of a solicitor as soon as possible. 

Should I have a solicitor at the police station?

Your solicitor is there to represent your interests and they will always advise what is best for you and your case. 

It is your legal right to a have a solicitor while you are under arrest, voluntarily attending a police station, or being interviewed by the police, as a suspect, anywhere. 

Your own solicitor can be contacted but if your solicitor is unavailable or you don’t have one, a duty solicitor is available 24/7. 

Hereford police station for a voluntary interview

Why should I have a solicitor in court?

Hereford county court part of the route into a career in law

A criminal solicitor will obtain vital details of the allegations that have been made against you. They will take your detailed instructions and will collect crucial evidence in support of your defence. During the case, your solicitor will work towards clearing you of all charges but if you are found guilty, they will strive for a fair sentence or punishment. 

It is their job to support you as much as possible during the proceedings of the case. 

How can we help?

If you have been asked to attend a voluntary interview, been arrested or already have a court date, get in touch with our criminal department for advice and support. Our telephone line is manned 24/7 for urgent criminal cases – 01432 278 179.

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