Domestic Abuse and Harassment

If you are subjected to domestic abuse don’t be afraid to speak out and get help. Our solicitors can provide you with advice and assistance in confidence. 
No-one should live in fear of abuse. 

Domestic abuse can take a variety of forms including physical, emotional, sexual and verbal abuse. 

If you are the victim of domestic abuse, our specialist lawyers will offer you support, empathy and understanding. We are available for appointments out of the office and on the telephone. 

This is a complex and fast-moving area of law. If you have any concerns then please contact our team 24 hours a day. 


What can be done?

We can apply for a Non-Molestation Order. This prevents your former partner or relative from using or threatening violence, harassing you and coming near your property.  Breach of a Non-Molestation Order is an arrestable offence and the police can be contacted. This can lead to conviction and the other party could receive a prison sentence. 

Additionally, we can also apply for what is known as an Occupation Order which will regulate who can and cannot visit or enter a particular home or area around it. 

If there is a risk of harm to yourself or a child, or if any delay would be prejudicial, the court can make an order without notice. This means that the other party will not attend this hearing. However, the court may order that a further hearing will take place, and the other party can attend. 

In order to make an application for a Non-Molestation Order you need to complete an application form and prepare a statement. These documents are then sent to the court who then list the matter for a hearing. 

If you are in danger or at risk of immediate harm, call 999 and seek assistance from the Police. 

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