Dispute Resolution

At Kidwells we can help businesses manage and solve a dispute whilst minimising potential reputational and financial damage.

Where possible, we encourage the majority of our commercial cases to use effective dispute resolution before taking court action. It means your business takes a quicker and more amicable path to solving disputes.

Whether your dispute revolves around professional negligence, insolvency or contracts, we will use our knowledge and experience to guide you through the process of litigation.

Commercial Dispute Resolution

It is easy to quickly find yourself wrong-footed.

Disputes with suppliers, customers, employees and competitors can inevitably arise even in the most successful businesses.

 A flexible and commercial approach to dispute resolution

In a highly competitive and litigious world, the careful management of disputes has become an essential part of business.

Disputes can cause businesses reputational and financial damage. All businesses, regardless of the size, sector and however well managed, will at some stage find themselves involved in disputes with suppliers, customers, trading partners or professional advisers.

The advice we give is based on extensive knowledge and expertise. We take a flexible and commercial approach to dispute resolution and give you clear advice setting out the merits of your case, the options available and the possible risks to be faced.

There are many tools at your disposal to try and avoid Court action. Effective dispute resolution before Court action can help to minimise the costs and damage to relationships. Alternative Dispute Resolution “ADR” can allow disputes to be resolved quicker and more cost-effectively than by going to Court. It is also a confidential procedure. 

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is a fact of life in business and most businesses at some point will have to either make a claim or be subject to a claim against them.

Be proactive, not reactive!

The best possible course of dealing with issues is early on so that a resolution can be reached without reverting to the Courts where costs can often become disproportionate to the claim itself.

Our Lawyers will always discuss a strategy for resolution or action with you including full transparency on anticipated fees and costs. Kidwells Lawyers have a reputation of being able to deal with many commercial matters without the need for Court action.

We have a strong team of lawyers with in-depth knowledge across a wide range of issues, including:

  • Professional Negligence
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Insolvency
  • Construction
  • Contract Disputes (supplier/purchaser)
  • Directors Duties

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