Child Living Arrangements

Issues surrounding access to your children can be complicated and emotional. You need a lawyer to help negotiate this situation, with your interests at heart. 
When it comes to your children, only the best is good enough 

When parents separate it can be a very difficult time for them both, their children and relatives. It is not always easy to reach an amicable agreement about where children will live and also how much time they will spend with the other party and their relatives.   

We believe as family Solicitors, that if at all possible, child care decisions should be made by the parents themselves and not by a Judge. We will always try to help and encourage parents or relatives to reach an agreement through negotiation or mediation before going through the Court process. Even if the matter is in the Court process, we will seek to try and reach an agreement wherever possible. 

There are various types of Orders that the Court can make, each one tailored to a client’s specific needs. 

We represent parents who want the child to live with them. We can assist in obtaining a Child Arrangement Order from the Court if at all possible by consent.  

Additionally, we can also assist the non-resident parent or relative in having regular contact with the children. 

This is one of the most controversial areas where a parent decides to relocate either within the United Kingdom or even outside of the United Kingdom. 

This could drastically affect the amount of contact that the non-resident parent will have with the children. For this reason, it is a very difficult time for the parents.   

We have experience in assisting and dealing with these complex matters. Where possible we will help parents to try and reach an agreement, otherwise, we will assist them within the Court process. 

We are able to advise parties who are prospective adopters upon an application to the Court for an Adoption Order or parties opposing such an application. 

It is our experience that unfortunately, parents are not always able to agree on issues relating to education, medical treatment, religious upbringing or even a child’s surname. 

If the above applies to you and your family we can assist you in obtaining an Order from the Court if no agreement is possible. 

Separation and divorce is an emotionally challenging time and your children are naturally the priority. Our lawyers will help advise you on how to deal with issues surrounding Child Maintenance Responsibilities. 

It is usually the role of the Child Support Agency to determine how much the non-resident parent should pay to the child’s main carer. The Courts do however retain jurisdiction to make or vary Orders but only if the non-resident parent is on a very high income. 

Maintenance is usually assessed and a percentage is usually paid by the non-resident parent. 

Alternatively, an application can be made for financial provision under Schedule 1 of the Children Act. 

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