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We want the best outcome for our clients. Which is why Kidwells has been trusted by individuals and businesses throughout England & Wales, since 2008. We take the time to understand your needs and give reliable legal advice precisely when you need it.

Helping You Build a Better Future

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Contact us to get support.

The first enquiry conversation is free. You have the opportunity to speak with our legal team about your questions and concerns via email or telephone.

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Decide the best plan of action.

We’ll explain the options for your matter. We also explain any costs to move forward and work with us, if legal action or support is a viable step. 

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Enjoy the peace of mind.

Our clients have rated us as Excellent and we have a 4.8 rating on Google out of 200+ reviews. The most common comment? That we give our clients peace of mind. We want to help, so get in touch for your free chat.

What Clients Say

Michael Horne offered a prompt, professional response and rational, realistic and accurate advice I would not hesitate to recommend his services
Alan was extremely kind, patient and generous in helping me with a legal situation in which I felt vulnerable and bullied. He reassured me and gave me practical advice as to the various options to deal with the situation. I highly recommend Kidwells Solicitors. An excellent service.
Michael Horne dealt with my questions within 30 minutes of telephoning the company. Michael took the time to listen to my questions, and gave knowledgeable and insightful answers.
Richard Wheeler

Your questions answered

  1. One of our lawyers will look at the details you have provided us and will respond by phone call, text, or email. (Or, if you call and someone is available, you can chat immediately.)
  2. If you instruct us to help you, we will do a few checks to verify your identity and to combat fraud. Our e-verification process means you typically do not need to visit the office in person.
  3. Your instructed lawyer will work on the matter with you. Our wider team will be available for any questions you have, too. We want to get the best outcomes for even the toughest circumstances.

No. Kidwells Solicitors uses an online ID verification platform as part of our legally required identity checks and anti-fraud measures. When you agree to instruct us, this ID search can show on your credit report as a “soft check” as it uses Experian and Equifax records as part of the process. This leaves no impact on your credit score (even if you have several “soft checks” in short succession from different sources) and is only used to verify your identity and to prevent fraud. 

You can read more about our identity checks and anti-money laundering processes in our client care pack, and our team can answer any questions you have. 

These checks are only done after you have instructed us to work on your matter. 

Initial enquiries are free and 100% confidential. Depending on the matter and how much detail you have provided us, these initial enquiries can include: 

  • Broader suggestions on your legal options; 
  • Advice on whether your matter is ready for legal support (some cases may require you to follow a complaints process, mediation, or other routes before they can be taken to court); 
  • Other options for your case (such as an Ombudsman); and, in most cases, 
  • Information on what the legal process would be and how much our costs and third-party fees are likely to be. 

We seek to give you as much information as you would need to make the decision about whether working with us would be appropriate for you. If the matter cannot be answered in a couple of sentences by email or text, our lawyers will try to call to give you the best value and opportunity to chat about the matter. 

As lawyers we provide professional input to help you make the most informed decisions, protect your legal rights, and seek the best outcome possible. And we make sure that your matter is settled in a legally binding way. This is critical even in ‘routine’ legal matters such as employment contracts or wills. Otherwise, just as you rely on the document, you might find out that an important agreement is not binding or does not protect your interests in the way you intended. 

If you are in the middle of a legal matter where the other party has already sought legal representation, then you should get legal advice to make sure you are presented and on the same level as the other party. This ensures a fair playing field. 

If you are not sure, we can provide insight on if and why legal advice or representation would be helpful to you. If a lawyer is not the best option, we can direct you to other services or sources that would be most appropriate. 

Protecting your data is paramount to us. When you contact us, you have to leave contact details so that we can reply. At this stage, we will only use and store these details to be able to contact you again about your enquiry. We don’t use these details to market to you. 

When you become a client, we then must store your details and matter details for several years. This is by law. As part of our legal obligations to verify identity and prevent fraud, we also check your details against trusted partner databases to verify your ID. 

You can read more in our Website Privacy Policy and our Company Privacy Policy. 

Our team will work as quickly as possible to get back to you. The quickest way to get help is to contact our team by phone at 01432 278 179. This line is also open 24/7 for urgent matters outside of our office hours, for example if you have been taken into police custody and need advice. 

The time it takes us to reply can depend on the number of other enquiries we have had come in, meetings, court hearings, and other obligations. 

If you have already contacted us, the best way to follow up is by telephone so that we can line up your additional comments with your previous enquiry. 


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