Company & Commercial Services

Whether you're a new or existing business you are making a large investment and as an individual, you hold great responsibility.
In an exciting, yet overwhelming time, there are many elements that need to be in order. We will tailor our advice and guidance to how your business operates.
Our team can assist you with business-start ups, contracts, corporate services and making the right decisions for the future.

I spoke to Michael Horne about some business advice as I wanted a reliable resource of information. He was friendly, approachable and informative.
He answered my queries exactly and I felt I learnt a lot from his knowledge.


What we can help and advise on

With the excitement and enthusiasm of owning commercial property and making plans for development and investment, it’s easy to overlook the potential problems you could incur. At Kidwells, our team will be your extra pair of eyes and will efficiently eliminate legal risks, ensuring all processes run as smoothly as possible.

Mediation is ideal for property disputes. It addresses your real needs and allows you and your opponent to create your own solutions in a way that invariably cannot be done in court.

Commercial development can be an exciting time full of new opportunities. However, disputes and issues can arise and you may need specialist legal advice.

Issues between a landlord and tenant can be stressful, especially if they result in legal action. Our solicitors are there to provide advice and guidance to both parties.

We understand how important it is to protect your land and property assets, let us help you understand this complex area of law.

Signing a commercial lease can feel daunting because of the high financial risk it entails. Our solicitors who specialise in commercial property will work to solve any issues surrounding disputes and provide you with quality advice to ensure that signing that lease is a business risk worth taking.

Before you make a potentially life-changing decision regarding the sale or purchase of a commercial property, get specialist legal assistance which is tailored to your individual business needs.

Finance and investment can be complicated areas in commercial business but they’re undoubtedly important in today’s society and we can help you with the management of these areas.

Starting a new business is exciting, challenging and sometimes terrifying. We can guide you through the process from start to finish and solve any issues and disputes that arise. 

Commercial contracts are central to the success of all businesses. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation we can assist you with your objectives and ambitions and help you draft and negotiate your commercial contract in relation to your specific circumstances. 

Employment and HR is a vast area of law in which our solicitors can provide advice and guidance on. It regulates relationships between employees and employers and ensures a business is efficient and well regulated.

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What People Say

10 past 6 in the evening and the phone's answered immediately. Information given was with authority and knowledge. I will be calling again to discuss Kidwells handling all of my company's legal requirements. Top notch service.
Matthew Campbell
I received valuable information from Mr. Horne in relation to questions I had regarding a business proposal. Mr Horne's professional advice certainly has helped me to reconsider my options.
Sharon Barryclough

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