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Supporting LGBTQ+ in the workplace

While diversity and inclusion have reached the top of corporate business agendas over the past decade, many LGBTQ+ employees continue to face discrimination and discomfort in the workplace. Everyday interactions with colleagues and managers matter as much as set policies and procedures.

Being inclusive to everyone in the workforce is more than being compliant. It is a basic human right not to be judged or discriminated against.

Being inclusive means more than just obeying the law, diversity is to be encouraged and it’s important that it comes from the highest management.

How to make sure everyone is included

  • Communication
    Use gender-neutral language when you don’t know someone and don’t make assumptions about what you see
  • Influence
    Show your business cares and is supportive to encourage others to follow.
  • Promotion
    Encourage senior members of staff to come out at work and to support up and coming talent
  • Knowledge and understanding
    Know what the various letters stand for and how that person’s life might be affected in and out of the workplace
  • Stand up for equality
    Even if you believe you do not have any employees from this group, making it clear that everyone would be accepted as part of the business is essential.
  • Training
    Ensure all training includes understanding this kind of diversity and how to include all members of staff

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