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Sibling contact after divorce or separation

Sibling contact after divorce or separation can play a crucial role in the emotional well-being and development of children. While divorce or separation inevitably introduces changes and challenges to family dynamics, if siblings are to be separated, maintaining positive and regular contact between siblings is essential for fostering a sense of continuity and stability in their lives. 


One of the key aspects of post-divorce sibling contact is communication. Open and honest communication between parents can ensure that siblings can maintain a meaningful connection. Coordinating visitation schedules, sharing information about the children’s lives, and jointly participating in important events contribute to a supportive environment for sibling relationships. 

Separation distress

The physical separation resulting from divorce can be challenging for siblings, as they may no longer share the same living space. Parents can facilitate contact by organising regular visits, sleepovers, or joint activities that allow siblings to spend quality time together. This helps in maintaining the emotional bonds that are essential for a healthy sibling relationship. 

Contact online

Technology also plays a vital role in modern sibling contact after divorce or separation. Video calls, messaging apps, and social media platforms provide additional means for siblings to stay connected, especially when physical distance poses a challenge. Encouraging virtual communication helps bridge the gap and ensures that siblings can share their experiences, achievements, and challenges despite the changes in their living arrangements. 

Parent cooperation

Parents must prioritise the well-being of their children and recognise the importance of sibling relationships. When parents actively support and facilitate sibling contact after separation, they contribute to the overall emotional resilience of their children. By fostering a positive environment that encourages communication and connection, parents can mitigate the potential negative impacts of separation on sibling relationships and promote the continued growth of a strong and supportive sibling bond. 

Legal help

If you are in the position of going your separate ways and are concerned about child contact and child welfare talk to our family team for advice.

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