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Preparing for your first visit to a divorce lawyer

Preparing for your first visit to a divorce lawyer can be daunting. There are things that you can do to prepare for this and ways to ensure that you come away with the information and guidance you were seeking.

Make a list of questions 

Be prepared with any questions that you have prior to the consultation.  The range of information that is discussed during a consultation can be quite widespread such as children, finances, wills and emotional issues and the problems being experienced.  Having a list of questions will ensure you get the information you need and that you have not forgotten to ask any questions. 

Don’t go alone 

 A consultation can be a stressful and worrying experience, so ensure that you bring someone for moral support if you would like.  Having a friend or relative beside you can be a great help and comfort. 

Prepare some basic information 

This is not always possible but if you can, it will help a great deal if you can provide it.  The information most likely to be required is: 

  • Date of marriage
  • Dates of cohabitation before marriage 
  • Both parties’ dates of birth 
  • Children’s dates of birth 
  • Estimated value of the matrimonial home 
  • Mortgage amounts outstanding 
  • Both salaries 
  • Any savings, investments, and the value 
  • Pension information and value 
  • Any dates and incidents that you wish to rely on in your petition 
  • Your contact information, telephone, and email addresses 
Bring documentation with you 

It will be a good idea to bring along documentation with you.  The marriage certificate will be required by the court when the divorce petition is filed and is also required for drafting.  Any letters from pension providers or mortgage lenders will help with assessing the financial position. 

Once you have an informative and supportive consultation with a family lawyer you should be able to see a way through and able to plan going forward with confidence. 

If you have relationship problems or have received divorce documentation, then please get in touch with our family department
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