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How to get a copy of a Will

If you believe that you have been left something in a will or that the will does not match with what a loved one had expressed to you as their last wish, then you may need a copy of the will itself. 

If a loved one has died intestate, without a will, then you may wish to look at the grant of representation. These documents are a matter of public record, once issued by the Probate Registry, and copies can be obtained for a small fee. 

The Probate Registry will only have copies once probate or the grant has been issued. Before this event there will be no record. If you register for a search and nothing is found, then a standing search can be recorded, and this will remain in place for 6 months for the same sum. Once this has elapsed then a further search can be set up for another small fee. 

Who can see a Will? 

Before probate is issued the only people entitled to see a copy of the will are the executors. It is their decision whether to allow others to see it. Beneficiaries are not automatically entitled to see a copy of the will, although if you are a beneficiary of the residuary of the estate you have a right to certain information. 

If the Will is with a solicitor 

Wills are usually found when looking through a deceased person’s property. If the solicitor who drafted the will was known to be storing it, then they can simply be contacted for information and collection of the will. 

How can we help?

For more information regarding wills & probate and the administration of estates, call 01432 278179 to speak with our Wills and Probate team. 

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