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Things to tell your executor

Being an executor can be a demanding and time-consuming job, and often comes at a very distressing time.  

Here are a few suggestions to help your executors deal with your estate as efficiently as possible. 

  1. Plan your funeral If you have any funeral wishes, make sure you write them down and your executors are aware of these. You can also leave instructions with your Will.
  2. Tell them where you Will is kept – if a solicitor has written the Will it is most likely kept in their secure storage. Make sure your executors know where the original is.
  3. Ensure your executors know the name and contact details of your solicitor and/or accountant if you have one – they may need one or the other for advice.
  4. Keep a list of all your assets and debts– for example:
      • Investments
      • Bank accounts 
      • Premium bonds  
      • Insurance policies 
      • Pensions  
      • Shareholdings
      • Crypto currency
      • Credit cards 
      • Mortgages 
      • Loans  
  1. Details of buildings and contents insurance – Executors need to notify your insurance provider of your death and sort out cover until the estate is sorted. Ensure your executors know the codes of any security alarms and contact details for the alarm provider.
  2. Record your beneficiaries – provide full names, addresses, and contact numbers for all your beneficiaries and keep the list updated.
  3. Keep an up-to-date list of all digital usernames and passwords Most people have an online presence and use the internet for many accounts and transactions so it will save a lot of time if a record of usernames and passwords is kept where the executor knows. I
  4. Keep all original documents together in a secure place – including share certificates, passbooks, bank statements, insurance policy documents. Make sure that your executors know where this is and have access codes or keys where necessary.
  5. If you change your address, tell your solicitor and your executors
  6.  Keep your will up to date – This is essential as circumstances in life could change such as getting married, having children, getting separated, or divorce.
How can we help?

If you haven’t got your will written and would like some help and advice, please contact the Wills and Probate team on 01432 278 179 who will be happy to help.

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