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Making Learning a Part of Everyday Work


Employee training is essential to ensure your business runs at its best, retains staff and keeps productivity high in this ever-changing technical world.  

For employees, research shows that opportunities for learning and development have become a major factor in workplace happiness. 

Learning Uncovered

Campaign for Learning at Work week 2022 theme is ‘Learning Uncovered’. It focuses on deepening our understanding, knowledge, and engagement in lifelong and continual learning. 

Lifelong learning helps us become more confident and enhances wellbeing. By learning, we can achieve personal and organisational goals and aspirations. 

Uncover Hidden Powers

In every organisation, staff have developed a wealth of understanding, skills, knowledge, and experience not only from work but from their personal lives. Sharing our ‘hidden powers’ builds stronger work communities, connecting colleagues over different parts of the business. It can not only help people feel valued, but it can promote ideas and lead to innovation 

Uncover new dimensions

new ways to work, learn and connect. The importance of refreshing skills and knowledge as the world of work changes is paramount. 

How the Kidwells Group do it.

As a whole group, Kidwells has a learning and development programme for all staff, but above that, many of the team are doing various training courses while they are working. 

Alan is a senior paralegal, and he is in his third year studying law with business at the University of Law. At the same time, he is also studying for the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE). 

Abby is also a senior paralegal and is studying for her Legal Practice Course and master’s degree in Law at the University of Law. 

Caitlin is a legal secretary and is completing her third and final year at Cardiff University studying law and criminology.  

Emily is finance manager and is studying ACCA to become a Chartered Accountant. 


Amber is a trainee accountant and supervisor and is presently undergoing outsourced payroll training. This is ongoing training and will provide the company and our clients with up-to-date payroll. 

Reilly is finance assistant and is working through an accountancy apprenticeship with the Hereford and Ludlow College. 

Aiden is a business support administrator for Kidwells Rated and alongside his work he is studying a further education plumbing course at Herefordshire & Ludlow College.

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