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Proud to Be Lexcel Accredited

We’re proud to share that after the latest independent audit, Kidwells Solicitors has retained its Lexcel accreditation as a quality mark of excellence.  

ThLexcel accreditation highlights our dedication to best practices in practice management and client care.  

What is Lexcel? 

Lexcel is the Law Society’s legal practice quality mark for practice management and client care. And the Law Society is itself the independent, representative body for solicitors in England and Wales. The overarching aim of The Law Society is to drive excellence in the profession and to safeguard the rule of law.  

To remain accredited with the Lexcel legal practice quality mark, our firm is reviewed on an annual basis to assess the quality of our services and our client care.  

What does this mean for Kidwells’ clients? 

Kidwells has earned the Lexcel quality mark continuously since 2009We are dedicated to serving our clients and we’re proud of our Lexcel accreditation to show this dedication. The Lexcel stamp means our clients know we strive for high standards, and that an independent body keeps us to account. While the SRA and the law determine what we, and all solicitors, need to do at a minimum, this additional Lexcel standard through the Law Society shows we successfully go above and beyond the minimum requirements to demonstrate best practice. 

Whilst we are delighted with the report, we will not be resting on our laurels. Kidwells is committed to continuous improvement so watch this space for further new and exciting developments. 

Our Lexcel accreditation wouldn’t be possible without the fantastic team we have, and the clients we work with who inspire us to do our best work. Thank you all.  

During these difficult times for everyone, we have been able to remain open and operating to help individuals and businesses with their legal needs. Contact us to find out if we can support you and what that support would entail. Call us at 01432 278 179 or email for a free, confidential chat. 

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