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COVID-19: Family Matters and Domestic Abuse

In light of the huge upheaval that COVID-19 has caused, many important life-changing decisions are having to be put on hold. But in some matters, you don’t have to wait, particularly if your or your family member’s safety is at risk.

It is an unfortunate but widely reported statistic that when couples are in close contact for longer periods of time, such as Christmas festivities and annual holidays, cracks that were already there previously can widen and result in decisions to separate. Statistics show that there is usually a sharp rise in relationship breakdown following these two periods. The numbers also show a rise in the report of domestic abuse during these times of year, after living in a “pressure cooker” type of environment which is out of the ordinary from a family’s everyday routine.

If the current limitations being placed on your freedom are having a negative effect and you are seriously considering whether your relationship has irretrievably broken down, we are still here to assist and advise. This also applies to any disputes about child contact.

Legal Support for Victims of Abuse

We want to make it especially clear that whilst the family courts are working virtually and on limited timescales, there is still in place the provision of emergency hearings to ensure protection for victims of domestic abuse.  Domestic abuse has been highlighted as a priority in the Government guidelines within the issue of Court closures at this time.

If you should find yourself in a situation where you need the protection of the Court, please do not hesitate to ask for legal advice. There is no need to delay seeking help.

Other Family & Personal Matters

There are other areas where you might need legal advice. This includes support regarding relationships in general (such as premarital agreements), wills, probate or estate administration, personal disputes, criminal defence, employment support, and other areas that affect you or your family. We remain in operation during this period and you can contact us by phone and online as usual. We’re here to help.

Contact our specialist lawyers for a free, confidential chat at 01432 278 179 or email us at to find out if we can support you and what that support would involve.

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