A will is perhaps the most important document you will execute. If you die without making a will, it is left to the law to determine who inherits your property and who will administer your estate. This may not be how you would prefer the situation and may have unwanted consequences.

Having the right components in your will brings peace of mind ensuring that loved ones are provided for in the manner you want.  You may also wish to consider tax issues and whether any other lifetime planning is appropriate for your circumstances. 

You may wish to appoint your own chosen trustees for your estate.  Off the shelf wills are readily available elsewhere but rarely provide for more than the simplest estate devolution. A bespoke Will, tailored to meet your exact requirements is an important consideration to bring peace of mind for the correct disbursement of your estate after your death.

It is important that you review your Will every few years to ensure that it keeps pace with changes in the law and your personal circumstances.

 At Kidwells Law we have a specialist team dedicated to advising on succession planning, drafting wills and tax matters.

Dealing with Probate

The death of a family member is understandably a difficult and emotional time. You may find the administrative challenges particularly onerous.  

Our experienced probate team can help ease the full administrative burden of these tasks.

However, if you wish to undertake administration on behalf of the deceased's estate, and just need a guiding hand, our courteous, sensitive and friendly team can provide you with as much or as little expert advice as you require in this complex area. 


Non-contentious Probate

Unfortunately not all probate is straightforward. Increasingly complex family relationships, commercial considerations, greater personal wealth and a heightened awareness of legal rights can cause inheritance disputes. Should the terms of the will be contested this may be a fraught and highly emotional time, often involving other close family members. 

Our team of expert advisors have many years of experience in this area. We will provide you with calm, considered advice which clearly sets out the legal rights and entitlements of the will, and helps you reach the solutions which are right for you. 


Power of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a critical document to prepare to ensure that your legal, financial and health affairs are dealt with in the proper manner.   The Lasting Power of Attorney can only be used when it has been registered with the Court of Protection.

If a situation arises where you become incapable of dealing with your own affairs, either mentally or physically, an attorney or attorneys will need to be appointed to administer your affairs. If you leave this until you become incapable of making your own decisions, the process through the Court of Protection is far more complex and expensive.  It will involve a report to be provided by a doctor and the court may appoint a deputy to act for you. 

It is therefore advisable to organise the execution of the Lasting Power of Attorney at a stage where you are fully capable.  The process of preparing these important documents does not need to be an onerous one. We ensure our clients are treated individually with respect and sympathy when discussing your future wishes.


Elderly Client

We now have an ever increasing elderly population in the United Kingdom. This should not mean a reduction in the service provided to the elderly. All adult people should have the right to privacy, respect and a choice whilst they are still capable. 

Our caring and effective team can provide you with expert advice with regard to areas such as care home assessment, provision of health care and medical treatment, social security benefits, local authority support, housing and testamentary dispositions and trusts. 

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