I found Kidwells understanding of my requirements from my initial phone call which was handled extremely prompt and very efficient, from a receptionist who was very courteous, I was kept informed and from all the staff I was given a first class service.

The whole experience from start to finish was very speedily and satisfactorily resolved.

I would recommend Kidwells as the best practice I have ever used, their client’s best interests were utmost and I will certainly be recommending my friends to use them.

 Mrs H.

Flying high in business

“I am a Managing Director of an International Helicopter flight training School and have been flying commercially in excess of 30 years. I started with a hired helicopter and moved on to eventually owning several million pounds worth of helicopters, hangar and classrooms for ground school training. In fact my company is probably the biggest of its kind in the country and I have serviced contracts providing training for up to 70 pilots from no flight experience to commercial pilots, at the same time, with no reportable incidents whatsoever. I, however, had to manage the business myself and to wear all the hats, all the time, has been very difficult and so, over the years, I have relied on professionals to assist with the more professional sides of management namely and obviously accounts and law. I have never really had much confidence in either profession and would sum most of them up as being bad pilots if I had to make a comparison to my own profession and certainly, I would not give them jobs flying! In reality what this meant was that as the economy got harder and people became more difficult to contract with I was forced more and more to rely on the legal professions. To say I became disappointed and frustrated is an understatement; I felt totally and completely at a loss, they just asked for money, then more money and then more money again; to instruct solicitors really is supporting the economy!   In reality at that point, if I met another solicitor ever again, it would be too soon, the advice I was receiving was purely legal with no consideration for my business and now planning other than we will speak again when the other solicitors reply came in; of course this is distracting, I have many contracts being tendered in many countries and I needed to have a conference with a lawyer that understood my business and would sculpt the advice I needed around my business planning. All contract shave issues, the bigger the contract, the bigger the issues and of course the bigger the risk and as a small company arguing against a much larger one then there is inherent unfairness, they have more people, more money, more time, more everything including in house lawyers with all day to spend on their issues and contracting. I needed a legal company that understood business and so looked for exactly that. At one time I was in a dispute with a massive company over one of my contracts where I had invoiced for extras that they agreed to at the time and then reneged upon; the risks were equal to the costs, which were massive; it was at this stage that I realised that I was just exhausted with the entire process and the weight of carrying every task in the management of the company; the recession could easily have claimed my company as to concentrate on either training or contract dispute would mean neglecting the other and each was equally important.

I had to decide and so looked for a solicitor that had a background in business, one who might be trusted to do more than one letter at a time without me setting out for him what we might expect to see in any response and why that would be wrong; I was nervous and in fact much more so than when I send a student pilot out for his first solo flight because at least I had trained the pilot! One firm after another gave their opinion on my contract dispute; one even said just issue the proceedings against the company and force them to litigate; Nooooooo that cannot be right. It is the truth to say I spent several thousand pounds just on this matter alone until I happened into the offices of Kidwells Law; I knew of them as the MD was a pilot and in fact I had trained him myself over 20 years ago and now discovered him to be a solicitor! I met with Mr Horne, immediately I could see that he was thinking ahead, planning and listening, I spent several hours with him and no charge, none whatsoever, the advice was just that which I felt was right, do not force these people into court they will wrap the entire process up in rules and regulations and run me for the costs; at last a Lawyer that spoke Business.

I was in trouble and I knew it, I needed the money from this contract to fund the business until the next; simple business planning. Mr Horne read the contract I had with this company in such a way that opened up doors that none of the other lawyers had even mentioned; I was interested but had no more funds for lawyers, he capped the rate and wrote to the other side Very shortly afterwards we were in conference with this company that was threatening to counter claim against me for over £300,000 and always said they would not meet and discuss. Less than 2 weeks later the matter was settled and I was paid the money that was due from them which allowed me to trade on; I am not exaggerating when I say that I owed by sanity to Mr Horne, he understood, listened and acted in exactly the way he said he would and at times, to be frank, I did not really understand the full extent of the legal arguments but I trusted and I have not done that for a very long time.

Immediately after this settlement I found myself asking other business related questions of Mr Horne and very quickly I discovered that he offered business planning advice and support; I almost ripped his arm off. I have been busily moving through my business with Mr Horne discussing the future and how to structure it; along the way I have needed contracts drafted, non disclosure agreements, litigation advice employment and HR advice all of which is provided by his firm though Mr Horne whom I trust to the highest level. I can say that I now have a business advisor that opens the door to trusted business planning and legal support for me. Standing with Mr Horne, and sometimes behind him, has meant that I have been safe from those whom would take advantage or do my company harm.

My personal feelings about Mr Horne, after having taught him to fly, is that he has soared to great heights with his own career as a lawyer and business advisor. I will honestly say that for me, changing from being his instructor, to having him guide and teach me how to improve my business skills, has been one of the most enlightening experiences in my life. Very few people look back to their primary school teacher and give them the credit they deserve in teaching us the basics needed for modern life. I however am looking forward to what my business can achieve in the future with the security and guidance offered by Mr Horne and his team at Kidwells Law.  


Setting up a business

Having decided to set up our own company we were introduced to Michael Horne at Kidwells through our solicitor.  From the registering of our new company at Companies House to the drawing up of contracts Michael and his staff helped us and guided us in the right direction and worked tirelessly to get us up and running.  When it came to getting financial backing from the bank Michael came (and held our hands!) at each meeting and did not allow the banks to walk all over us.  If we had gone to the Banks on our own, we would have been paying high interest and been tied into clauses we did not even know existed, his experience and knowledge dealing with banks has saved us money and a lot of stress.  It made the banks realise that they were dealing with professionals and their attitudes changed dramatically towards us, we finally had the upper hand.

Every hurdle we faced Michael was there, he advised and steered us through the right door and in the right direction and made everything simple to understand (especially the maths!).  Whether it was advice (no matter how stupid it sounded) or legal documents drawing up Michael was always on the end of the telephone or there in person.  Nothing was too much trouble.  There were times when it all got too much and we would find ourselves asking the question “what are we doing, we can not run a Business”, but it would only take one phone call from Michael to reassure us and get us back on track.

It’s not easy setting up a company from scratch especially when you have no previous experience but Michael made it a fairly simple process and without him we would not have our own company that we know has been set up in the right way and legally.  We have asked Michael and Kidwells to work with us for our first 12 months of trading so that we can have the continued support, advice and help which we will most certainly need. 

Mr & Mrs G

Thank you Kidwells

I'm writing to thank you for all the help you gave my son and our family. If it wasn't for your help my son would not have succeeded in getting the medical diagnosis he needed.

Kidwells pursued our c ase for an urgent diagnosis to be made and we can't thank Kidwells enough - they were there when we needed help. They were professional and sympathetic to the need of people who need help and absolutely brilliant.

Thank you so much Kidwells

Mrs R and family

I was so pleased to be introduced to Michael Horne at the opening of the Kidwells’ new offices in June because it gave me the opportunity to thank him personally for supporting Ray Danenbergs in his work of Advocacy for older people and so, enabling it to continue.

Like many elderly people, I find it difficult to stand up for myself when I meet with hostility or intransigence. 

With Ray Danenbergs’ help and support, I arranged a meeting with whom I had the problem. With him there as a witness, I was less nervous and was able to speak up. When I was given an answer I did not understand, he asked for clarification and when he thought I was right, he said so.

I know that without Ray’s help and support, I would have felt too intimidated to pursue my concerns. His work is so necessary and so important for elderly people and I am really grateful to Kidwells. As far as your new offices, I am very impressed, as well as with the stylish decor and flexibility of space, access problems have been illiminated. You must have the most luxurious disabled toilets in Herefordshire!

Ms T M

Thank you, Kidwells Law for all the support I have received from the team over the last two years. The process of my divorce has been one of the most stressful times of my life and with the guidance, advice and support from Kidwells, you took what felt like a very out of control situation and gave me back an element of control.

I made it through the complex court processes growing in confidence and strength with a very positive result.

Ms B

The service was excellent from start to finish. All parts of the process were clear and easy to deal with. The member of staff I dealt with went way beyond what I would have expected and the speed of response, advice and manner were all superb. She ensured the job was completely finished and took a weight from my shoulders during a very stressful time. Everyone I dealt with at Kidwells was prompt, thorough, efficient and very helpful. From a client's point of view you have a faultless company set-up.

Dr S

I was so pleased to be introduced to Michael Horne at the opening of Kidwells new offices in June because it gave me the opportunity to thank him personally for supporting Ray Danenbergs in his work of advocacy for elderly people and so enabling it to continue.

Like many elderly people, I find it difficult to stand up for myself when I meet with hostility or intransigence.

I had problems with a Hereford care agency which stemmed from their practice of keeping clients' care records on loose pieces of paper removed from the client's home weekly.before the bills(which were sometimes inaccurate) arrived. I had been photocopying my records until I was visited by two members of staff- which i found very intimidating- and told very firmly that I must stop doing this and mst not correct any inaccuracies. I was also unhappy that another client's confidential records had been printed on the back of my medication records and that some carers had recorded giving her medication to me. I felt all this to be wrong, but after my previous experience I was nervous about complaining.

But with Ray Danenbergs' help and support I arranged another meeting with the agency. With him there as a witness I was less nervous and was able to speak up. When I was given an answer I did not understand he asked for clarification and when he thought I was right, he said so. The outcome was that I am now allowed to photocopy my own records and an investigation has been promised as to how the other client's details got onto my medication sheets.

I know that without Ray's help and support I would have felt too intimidated to pursue my concerns. His work is so necessary and so important for elderly people and I am really grateful to Kidwells.

As for your new offices - I am very impressed. As well as the stylish decor and flexibility of space, access problems have been eliminated. And you must have the most luxurious disabled toilets in Herefordshire!



I would like to thank you for the excellent service and advice you gave me over my house problem which was handled so well, I had a satisfactory outcome. I must say from the moment I stepped into Kidwells offices I received friendly kind and proficient advice. I felt some one really cared and was put at ease, as I was very nervous. New premises, wonderful opening evening, a lovely time to look around and enjoy the brand and buffet and meet the staff. The new premises now match the service you provide which is excellent, good luck. Once again thank you for your help.

Mrs. Grant