Kidwells Facilities

When Sunshine Radio needed a room away from the radio station for a training day, we contacted Kidwells Law Solicitors.  We used one of their boardrooms which was just the right size for our team.  The facilities were excellent.  Caroline organised the room and the catering and couldn’t have been more helpful.  We were shown their excellent new gym and spa which was very impressive.  We would certainly use their facilities again in the future.

Social media feedback - Module II and III

I find being given the tools to continue my learning of the subject so useful. I leave the sessions feeling motivated and knowing how to put what we have heard about into practise.

Module III brought the other modules together and gave me some practical tips to use in existing marketing strategy.

This module was fab - learnt lots again from Ed 

I found this spot on. Informative and engaging.

Very useful introduction with good hints and tips. Good clear presentation - visual and verbal. Would recommend to others.

I have to say the whole event was very useful. I attended Social Media World 2012 and this one and a half hour event was more concise and helpful than anything I saw there!

I liked the style of providing us with the websites to continue expanding our skills ourselves - quite unique for a marketing seminar. I also liked the fact it was not too large a group and felt easy to ask questions. Ed was engaging and I found myself interested throughout.

Excellent seminar, well presented, intelligent with plenty of great information.

Thought it was brilliant and it would be great to have modules on lesser known social media types.

CIPD seminar testimonial

I just wanted to let you know that I thought you both did a great job at the seminar. You made what could have been a very dry subject interesting and interactive. Thanks

I found the experience really beneficial and enjoyed it, even though I was extremely nervous. The rest of our group were really pleased it went our way and in fact helped us to breakdown aspects of the law that we were required to do as part of our employment law assignment.

Just a quick note to say thank you for all your advice and support in preparation for our mock tribunal last week.  I found the research and case planning aspect really interesting and the mock tribunal, although nerve wracking at times, ultimately a really enjoyable experience.  I definitely learnt a lot from the whole process.

I hope that Kidwells continue to work with students on the Hereford College of Technology CIPD courses as the practical experience you can offer them is very valuable and helps apply the theory of what's being taught. Best wishes for continued success.