Kidwells Law Solicitors Ltd Advocacy Service

Kidwells has recently set up an Advocacy service in response to research which has shown that many seniors living in care homes are isolated and have neither family nor friends to support them. Thus the need was highlighted for affordable, or indeed, free, external, independent support.

Older people can sometimes find themselves in a difficult position when raising concerns about their care. Some issues raised by seniors relate to care provision in the homes, or problems with families, money, funding of care home fees. These often fall outside the remit of the care home staff.  The importance of being able to raise issues and express views without fear of reprisal or victimisation cannot be under-estimated. Evidence has shown that some seniors did not feel confident to raise their concerns with the manager of the home but preferred to discuss their problems with an independent person not associated with the care provider. Many older people are able to look after themselves or have family to care for them, but increasing numbers do not have anyone to provide assistance.

Kidwells’ goal is to assist older people in decision-making by exercising choice, to be available for them and encourage them to participate in having a say about their lives. Our advocacy service aims to promote the relief of persons in need, by providing information, friendship and support.  The service charge will be waived in most instances, based on a case by case assessment by our advocacy advisor.   

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An example of someone we recently helped was Mrs B, who is a lady of 90 years of age; she has lived in Herefordshire for thirty years and in a care home for the past five.  Having led a very active life she found the transition from independent living very difficult, but she was quick to adapt to her new surroundings.  Mrs B was very positive about her new arrangements and made lots of friends in the care home. Her daughter as well as a volunteer called to see her once a week.  Whilst life was different from what Mrs B had been used to she embraced her new situation with a positive attitude.

One day her daughter informed her mother that the family were moving away from the area, several hundred miles, because of her husband’s new job. The only option Mrs B was given was to relocate to another care home near her daughter’s new home if she wanted her daughter to continue to visit.  Mrs B asked for time to think about the new arrangements and eventually decided to remain with her friends in the care home. Her daughter continued to insist that her mother should move to a care home near their new home and if necessary her mother should be made to do so.

The care manager was concerned about the pressure Mrs B’s daughter was exerting on her and called an advocate for support.

During several meetings with the advocate, all issues were resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned.

Pro Bono law team

The Advisor, Pro Bono services also assesses matters which may require referral to our Pro Bono legal team. The pro bono offer is open to those who may not otherwise be able to afford the services of a solicitor. Each case will be individually assessed and the client thereafter advised whether we are able to take their case.

Issues causing concern that may be covered through the pro bono service include:

  • A disputed Power of Attorney
  • Inheritance problems
  • Debt recovery
  • Funding of care home places
  • Work related disputes
  • Victimisation or bullying at home or work
  • Compensation claims

Further information on both the advocacy and pro bono legal offer are available from the friendly and highly confidential Advisor, Pro Bono services, Ray Danenbergs at Kidwells Law Solicitors Ltd 01432 278 179, or email or visit our website