Advocacy & Pro Bono Services


Because life is seldom simple or straight forward there are times when we all need a little free help. 

Could we help you?

  • Do you need the services of a solicitor but can't afford to pay?
  • Do you feel you are having difficulty getting your views listened to?
  • Are you facing choices and changes in your life and would like help finding out about your rights and opportunities?
  • Do you want some assistance with decision making?


Some of the issues causing concern could be:

  • Disputed Power of Attorney
  • Inheritance problems
  • Funding of care home places
  • Work related disputes
  • Victimisation or bullying at home or work
  • Compensation claims


We may be able to help you. Contact Ray Danenbergs our Advocacy & Pro Bono Services Adviser on 01432 278179 or email